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I'll never forget what Adriene said one class "be a good friend to your body." And do you know what good friends do, they LISTEN.

This weekened was full of awesome outdoorsy times, walking and enjoying sunsets and drinking drinks I even tried archery for the first time, and some pretty bad ass axe throwing...!!! - Drinks AFTER archery though.... ;)

I bruised the hell out of my arm and tried foods and drinks I'd never experienced before, and I got to spend all of that time with people I love to the moon and back.

body nourished,
brain charged,
soul fed,

In the midst of it all I skipped 2 days of yoga. And as much as I'd love to beat myself up about not keeping up the streak, I'm not sorry at all. I feel great.

I did jump back in yesterday though with this awesome shoulder and chest opening practice... if you're a desk sitting keyboard warrior like me, I think you'll LOVE this one.

💕See you tomorrow!

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