If you've been following along with #mehndimonday you know I've become a little obsessed with mandalas. So much so that I started running out of skin space to practice with!


So in between hand pieces, I decided to trace my hand on some regular ol notebook paper and zen out with some mandala practice...


Im prretty happy with how they turned out, and they were much easier to practice line consistency on, because I could rotate the paper in ways that my un-gumby-like human anatomy does not allow.


When it comes to my own flesh and blood, I still have trouble gripping the cone in a way that doesn't completely cramp my hand and precision isn't my strong suit, but I think I'm getting an eye for more balanced compositions...


I've been looking for courses across the internet far and wide and I'm coming up empty-


If you have any leads, even books or youtube videos that you know of, I'd love to find something that could teach me proper form, and some basic shapes I can practice...


<3 Until next time,