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LOL sorry, but also not sorry. There's no other way to describe Psoas work in yoga. There probably is, but with my light and airy brain, deep breathing lungs and open hips standing in the rain letting the droplets hit my face in post yoga bliss, I stand by that statement.

A few years ago as a remote virtual assistant I was asked to send the client research on the Psoas muscle, which opened up a whole world of exploration for me in Yoga.

If you've never heard of the Psoas here's where it is....

And if you sit at a desk, or drive or basically do anything in modern society, it's likely super tight. It an get so tight in fact that it can start to cause back pain and there are some who even believe that lots of emotional trauma stress and all around negativity gets stored there in the form of TENSION, soooo when I say the deeper you go, it really is true.

It's a tough one to work out, that's for SURE but if you give it some time, and breathe deep I promise you'll leave the mat feeling like a new humanoid...

Or at the very least a very fabulous skeleton....

<3 See you tomorrow

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