Over the years my relationship with Instagram has really morphed and changed. I've had every feeling from, "this is the best!" to "this is utter trash" to "ugh... more baby photos!?"..

Grab Tata here!: iOS, Android, Web

At the moment, I refer to the app as Brand-stagram. I've removed all friends and now only follow brands who I'd like to work with. My profile feed is a static portfolio collage and I only, and very rarely to post affiliate codes, mess with stories. It turns out Instagram is a whole lot more tollerable when you use it for what it's built for, human to brand interaction.

I have nearly 2k followers but my Instagram, for all intents and purposes, is dead.

RIP Instagram.

Imagine my surprise when a blockchain-based, crypto incentivized version popped up on my trusty @reviewhunt dashboard!

Of course, we all know that Appics exists, but it's linked to your steem account and 'd rather not spam my steem blog with one picture posts. I reserve that for longer form writing so I was really interested to try it out!

The interface is SUPER clean and friendly, and if you're familiar with Instagram, you'll feel right at home. Here's my profile so far. Posting is fast and easy and I really like their approcah to the "discovery" page.

It just seems like a waste to be engaging online without a blockchain based insentive these days. I'm fully aware of how spoiled that makes me sound but for me, the steem blockchain has made me really reevaluate the way I spend my precious hours of the day...

Overall my experience has been very positive so far. I can tell that when I post my photos are actually being seen and commented on by real people instead of bots, and I'm not getting crushed by an algorithm if I skip posting for a day or two. It seems Tata was created to foster friendship, not mindless addiction. It's been a great experience so far.

My only note, which I've submitted to the dev team is the very small character limit in bios of 35 character. I have to assume this is more than sufficient for Chinese language users but for english ones, I only was able to add my url.

Speaking of Chinese, a large percent of the broad userbase does post in Chinese, but if you tap and hold on any discription or comment you'll get a translation automatically, which I love.

This feels like early days Steem, where people are having authentic interactions and just sharing their passions. The marketers, moms and influencers haven't taken over yet so it's a prefect time to give it a try!

Here's my account! Follow me on Tata!