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What a term TEXT NECK! I really don't spend too much time on my phone these days, but my neck is tight and definitely pulled something while coming through the door yesterday so this class was much appreciated.

In standard Dayle-logic fashion I was expecting this class to be all about neck stretches, and while there were some, it was also about noticing what your neck is doing while in a lot of other familiar poses.

I'm positive every time I've ever hurt my back or neck it was in a moment of rushing about or a lack of awareness so that's what we worked on today.

There were some lovely back bends, shoulder and chest openers as well which I always appreciate, and I don't think I had done camel pose in over a year! Felt awesome!

I hope you give this a shot if youre feeling it in your neck today, remember be patient, move slowly and be kind to yourself!<3

💕See you tomorrow!

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