LIVING for this one. MTurns kitchen waste into natural soap!



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Hunter's comment

LIVING for this one. Maybe it’s an Italian American thing, but did you also grow up with old coffee cans of cooking grease in the freezer?

The idea was to freeze the fat to throw away later because when it solidifies it can really screw up your drain pipes and plumbing…

WOSH takes that problem, and turns it into SOAP! Yep! How cool is that??

"WOSH is an intuitive kitchen product that uses filtration and natural soap making methods to up-cycle waste fat, oil and grease into natural soap. Natural soap made from waste fat, oil and grease that lathers, cleans and feels like shop bought soap does. "-source

Also, if you’ve never made it, soap making is super fun and it’s an awesome project for the kids to get involved with as well- I’d absolutely love one of these!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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