Wheelys Café

An All-In-One Mobile Eco Cafe Shop Bike!



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Hunter's comment

Ugh I'd love one of these. I've actually been on this brand's email list for years following along, and their latest cart is PACKED with so much awesomeness...

"Wheelys is an all-in-one café on a bike.

It includes a solar panel, air purifier, 15L fridge, and an integrated digital display. It also comes with an ROK Espresso Brewer, Wi-Fi, two running taps, a Bluetooth stereo system, lit up sign, 3 burner gas stove, an integrated lock and a 2m green carpet.

The Wheelys 5 Open Source has 7 modules which in seconds will allow you to open up a juice bar, a crêpe stand, ice cream kiosk, or a more refined way of selling Drip-coffee, Nitro Coffee, Turkish coffee or Espresso. "-source

Mic dropped, enough said. Would love nothing more than one of these carts to run at a local morning commuter part of town... 🚲☕️💕



Hunter: @dayleeo

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