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Today's my birthday. 31 cycles around the sun, multi-pass in hand (when I'm not misplacing it and trying to get it reinstated at various interstellar embassies). Countless things to be grateful for but most of all, I'm just happy I'm here. Here, with all my 10 fingers and toes all still accounted for, a healthy mind and a healthy body, a breakfast in my tummy and feeling the loves from the people I care about most...

Life isn't always "fair", but I'm still happy to show up with my roll of quarters and have a play. Even if most of the games are rigged in the cosmic arcade's favor... We were never promised a win, but the time playing the game is still time well spent regardless of the outcomes. I've learned to choose your character wisely, to spend your skill-points carefully, and that it's always more fun when P2 joins in along side you.

This week I spent some time thinking about what the digital version of a vision board could look like. I actually don't recall ever sitting down and making an analog version, but the idea of sitting down with magazine clippings and craft supplies and assembling all of your wishes, dreams and goals for the future has always been up my mystical-alley. And so in the honor Pisces season being in FULL SWING...

I made this...

Since we've been building a Carrd site for just about anything we can think of I wondered if the idea of a vision board could translate to a little landing page. Not only would it be an eco-conscious solution, saving on the use of paper supplies, but it could be something you could keep with you and pull up on your phone or computer from anywhere in the world. Something you could share if you wanted to, or something you could keep completely to yourself.

I went through a few iterations, each more mystical than the last until I finally had to call it and stop tinkering. Originally I thought just pasting some graphics styled to look like stickers and a few typographic elements was all I was going to do, but in my ridiculous inability to keep anything simple, I expanded on each, with a little popup description.

The things I put on my vision board run the spectrum from quite simple things, like getting a new chain for my favorite amethyst necklace that I've missed wearing, to long term goals like running a flatbreads-centric breakfast food truck with @teamhumble. I don't have any idea how that's going to happen, but I'm at peace with the fact that I don't need to know. Getting it out of my heart and putting it out there into the world in the form of a few pixels is enough for me for now.

I'm going to do my best to keep referring back to this vision board. I thought it could be a cool idea to make it my browser's default home page so I can keep it in front of me. Yoga has taught me that keeping your intentions in the forefront of your focus can produce some powerful results. Who knows, next year I may be writing you from that very food truck. Life has taught me that things can, and often do, change in an instant.

I'm also putting my vision board theme up for sale on our little crypto-accepting theme store IHAZCARRD.CO, but since it's my birthday, I want to give it away for free for the next 24-ish hours. So if you're feeling mystical, or motivated or in your own version of a super hustle mode and want to make one for yourself, let me know in the comments or message me on Discord and I'll send it on over. <3

if you're not familiar, is a super easy to use landing page designer that we make themes for. There's no hosting charge and you don't even need a domain.

But for now, it's time for me to close down my machine and spend some time with my love, some zombie films, a bottle of something, some retro emulator gaming realness and maybe even a slice of cake...

From my heart to yours, wherever you are today, I hope you have a good one. And even if it's not your birthday, don't wait until it is to be grateful for another day on this spinning rock plummeting through the abyss of space. ;)

a newly 31 year-old,