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Vegan Seastar - Sustainable plant-based sashimi

Vegan Seastar

Sustainable plant-based sashimi


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Hunter's comment

I get it, sushi is delicious, but it’s costing us more than we think… here are the facts.

  • 5 : fish species extinct through overfishing
  • 85 % : the world's fish stocks are overfished or completely depleted
  • >60 % : the catch of tuna fisheries is BY-CATCH!
  • 2,041: fish species are threatened

You can see why a Vegan alternative made possible by the wonders of science and mother nature is more than over due. I’d absolutely love to try this, considering the success of the Beyond Burger, I hope folks being exposed to earth friendly alternatives makes tech like this commonplace.




Hunter: @dayleeo


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