Urban Canary

The Kid-Friendly Pollution Detector That Helps Kids Learn



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Hunter's comment

"According to the World Health Organization, air pollutants have become the top environmental risk to the health of children since their immune systems and lungs are not fully developed yet at the time the exposure begins"-source

It may sound silly if you don't have trouble breathing or dont live in a polluted city, but for kids who are sensitive this little friend could alert them and their parents before there's a real breathing emergency.

It's like a tamagotchi that helps kids (and their parents) know when they're breathing bad air! They're incentivized to keep their little Canary healthy over time as well by staying in clean areas with map reports.

My big complaint is that there really should be some kind of keychain or wristwatch feature for kids, because what kid not going to immediately loose this thing!?



Hunter: @dayleeo

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