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Today I Made... Custom Emotes for the SteemHunt Discord Community! <3

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Well hello there! I hope you're taking care of yourself today. I'm certainly doing my best. For me, being kind to myself usually includes spending time with people I love, baths, yoga, face masks, and making something. If you're a creative, you might identify with the statement but some of my favorite things I've ever made was just for the sake of making it...

That's where my time spent this afternoon leaves me! -- Something that I've always been fascinated is the way Discord integrates into communities. I had my first taste through twitch, and then a bit later when we decided to ditch Slack and other comms platforms for Discord, but I think it's also a HUGE part of Steemit culture as well!


Yesterday I thought, what if we had our own SH branded emoji's/emotes for our Discord community space, ones that reflect the types of things we talk about and share there... so today I set out to make a little pack!

sh emojis poster.jpg

If you're on Steemhunt and really want to plug into the pulse of what's going on you might want to consider joining us on Discord, (we'd love to have you). Discord is where you can ask questions, get to know the mods and influencers and stay up to date with the latest announcements, and also.. there's a random channel.. which REALLY embraces it's name!


Some of these may be self explanatory, but if you're not familiar "HHD" stands for Happy Hunt Day!, it's our term for when the hunting day is over and rolls over into a fresh ranking board at 12am KST.

I also created a HuntToken, a Sunrise (another hhd reference) and a Shuffle button which is a new lottery system we have that rewards users with HuntTokens! -- I thought another helpful emoji to have could be an # FAQ which could help direct new users to our FAQ channel to get their questions answered, and it's a little tough to tell from these mockups but they're all colored to follow that famous SH gradient. <3

Of course this is just a concept and totally up to the SH team to decide if they want to add these to their Discord, but the pack is all set up and ready if they're interested. I think little things like custom emojis actually really can bring a community closer.

If you're not a part of the SteemHunt community jump in! It's super fun and if you have any questions jump in on Discord and hang out with us!

Until Next Time!
<3 Dayleeo

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