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Was it also a Sunday when I made the first pack? Hmm I don't remember but sometimes you just have to follow the flow and go where you're feeling creative. :D

This week @project7 asked me to add a "Thank You" emoji to our suite in Discord, but once I finished, I decided to make 2 more because I was feeling the creative flow and maybe my design OCD demanded I rounded the whole thing out to 12 lol.

Either way, here they are!

In addition to a shiny new "thank you" we now have the bow & arrow to symbolize "THE HUNT" and hearts because I think sometimes we can all benefit from the practice of taking a deep breath and choosing kindness.

If you're not a part of the SteemHunt community jump in! It's super fun and if you have any questions jump in on Discord and hang out with us!

Until Next Time!
<3 Dayleeo