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It’s the first day in awhile where I didnt wake up to “Hey Dayle…” messages from clients, so I decided I’d treat myself to a play day.

After a walk to the shop for supplies and a quick detour involving the washing of a few critical pots we’d need for dinner, we assumed our regular positions at our respective machines and I busted out my notebook. I had three goals today-

+ Create a Logo/Cover Image for our Podcast +

+ Write a Post for Steemit +

+ Video Games +

I have to say, it’s nearly 6:30 and I’ve only JUST finished the logo. Why you ask? Typically I have my nit picky perfectionism to blame, but in this case I really wanted to challenge myself and learn something new.

In this case, a set of photoshop actions which would allow me to give the vector a printed offset look, with the addition of some inky paper texture bleed. I know, not that exciting, but I think it’s those little touches that really sell a final look, and also, I’m a nerd and wanted to know how it was done by deep diving it myself.

Now don’t expect this post to reteach you what I’ve learned because my brain is in that pre jello- warm-ish- phase where it hasn’t all really set yet- BUT I was able to pull it off- at least KINDA.

I think it passes the sticker test!- That's a start!

I truly felt like I spent a day at school! I guess this counts as continuing education as someone who works with pixels most of the day. Although, I have never considered myself a graphic designer, mostly because I have way too much respect for someone who does what a true graphic designer can do, like put together Photoshop action packs for plebes like me.

I’ve got a good eye, and I understand composition and color, but all my “graphic design” experience has been self taught, so Im often off to Google for the answers on how to recreate what’s in my head.


my inspiration, this awesome post apocalyptic-mid-century-modern feel, because let's face it, we might as well podcast our ways into the apocalypse.

We’ve cracked open a few ciders we picked up earlier, and we’re about to record todays episode of the podcast. I’m sure this cover image and logo will go through zillion iterations, but hey- that’s all part of the growth process right? Not only in terms of the project, but in terms of our tastes, skill level and abilities. If I don’t hate this logo in a year, I’ll know I haven’t grown, and that will TRULY be the tragedy.

thank you to @teamhumble for being such a good sport about being the "negative" emote face- lol- I should add these heads to our Discord server

For the rest of the evening, I’ve got some pasta I plan to cook for myself and the Mouse, and some game/movie time to decompress my fried brain (somehow I worked harder on this off day then I do for clients). But first we record.

If you’ve checked our our daily talks- let me take this bit of the blockchain to say THANK YOU! We’re enjoying putting those little pings out into the universe, and we’re happy you took some time out to check them out. We want to be there for your commutes, or house cleaning sessions, or your computer time at work.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a voice in your ear, even if it’s two crazy ones broadcasting from the middle of a field.


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