The World’s Smallest Garden

Turn Recycled Wine Bottles into Hydroponic Gardens!


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Hunter's comment

*"Oh noooo bottle not included!! Guess we’re going to have to drink our way to our new garden! Aw shucks!" ;)*

Ok alcohol jokes aside, I love this idea. It started as a kickstarter but now they’re a full fledged company! The secret are these little cores that rest where your wine bottle stopper would sit, that turn your empties into hydroponics systems! Oh baby what’s not to love!

"Growing stuff is hard. Especially for apartment dwellers. So we made it easier with a patent-pending design that turns a decorative bottle into a full time plant-sitter. It takes the pressure off you and keeps your plants happy." -source

Not only is this solution practical and sustainable, it’s beautiful! How lovely would a few rows in a hanging garden near a large window be… ahh le sigh!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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