The Motion-Sensing Smart Yoga Mat



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Hunter's comment

First of all I know that pose is called crow and second of all I can't do it... yet. ;) But Damn would I like to work on my form with this mat!

"The elegant carpet is made of eco-friendly shear wool by premium manufacturer Kvadrat and is wear- and slip-resistent. TERA`s intelligent surface recognizes movement patterns and transforms seamlessly into a fitness mat, activating a specially developed app."-source

Built as a companion piece to the company's app the designers wanted to challenge how we interact with out fitness equipment every day. Cant your fitness mat also just be a really great rug for your home?

It's made from responsibly sourced wool and is meant to be an every day use item instead of a single use device. I know I always appreciate a good multitasker :)



Hunter: @dayleeo

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