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Damn! Talk about waking up to MOMENTUM. - What a turn-around!

In keeping with my vow to keep as positive as possible during my time away from @teamhumble, one major plus to playing the time zones to your advantage, is that in my case, by the time I awake from my deep deeeeep sleep, YA BOY is already up and running a zillion miles per hour.

He’s already had a coffee (or two) and had his breakfast and generally feeling that morning energy… ya know how it is at breakfast time…

I used to kinda dislike it, I remember feeling JARRED into the waking world with a zillion ideas, plans and over all LETS DO THIS energy.

But now I love it. I’m literally able to ride the quantum-slip stream of his 5-hour-delayed, energy echoes.

I had rough dreams again last night, and I’m pretty sure I was crying in my sleep. I woke up feeling like I had run a marathon, instead of having a restful night’s sleep. I rolled over, grabbed my phone, messaged Mouse, and read his good morning @dayleeo post to me. Starting to actually think we may see eachother again in a few weeks is kinda blowing my mind at the moment.

Did my yoga, made up my fresh lemon water, coffee, cereal, and before I knew it, I wasn’t thinking about those awful dreams, I was focused on the FUTURE.

Today my brain quickly slipped into digital admin mode. Setting up a media server for the PS4 is on my list today so that we can have movie club when we get sick of dying in Fortnite, or as I’ve affectionately called it… “LOOT LOOT LOOT LOOT- DIE.”

Seems the universe is dictating that it’s going to be one of those hardcore analytical brain days- dad just popped in and asked for help syncing his android phone to his android tablet so he could see his emails or texts in an emergency… I know where his head’s at. He wants to take the tablet with him on longer motorcycle rides.

no shade, but this is me after using an android device…

He was mentioning setting up a rear rack with a trunk bag.. I see you dad… So glad he has that bike, someone actually GAVE it to him over thanksgiving time. I know he was crushed to give up his old bike after the economy turned and my parents split up.. look at him now tho!

yesterday he put on his harleyt-shirt, and rode his harley motorcycle to the harley dealership to check out parts… I meannn too cute <3


Damn I cant stop watching that gif, really makes me happy to see him enjoying that bike. What a huge blessing.

Anyway! I better get on with my day huh!? Time to join the working energy ranks and see what we can make of this day!

I hope wherever you are in the universe you’re gearing up to do something awesome. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember, one day at a time.