Sugar Zeffers

The Shoe Made From SUGAR with a negative carbon footprint!



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Hunter's comment

Who knew! What a crazy time we live in that we can replace plastic with materials which are so much less harsh on our environment!

This company has developed a Sugarcane based sole called "SweetFoam" which is completely carbon NEGATIVE! Yep Pretty cool right?

"The SweetFoam physically draws from sugarcanes from dense and wet fields in the South of Brazil. Drenched in rain, the fields are treated using very little fertilizer to aid its growth to be further processed in facilities that run completely on renewable energy. This makes the SweetFoam material the world's first ever carbon negative EVA polymer." -source

To me, they look INCREDIBLY comfortable and squishy too, would love to see how to these feel!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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