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Star Trek Trexels II - The Next Resolution, A Trekkie's Dream RPG

Star Trek Trexels II

The Next Resolution, A Trekkie's Dream RPG


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Hunter's comment

Yep! Now you can play as Pixel Picard, or any of your favorite StarTrek heroes, (except where's guinan! AHEM!!) in this super cute RPG.

Yes I downloaded it. Yes I love it.

Of course all your favorite characters are there and the in game sound effects also incorporate all the themesongs from YEARS of Trek iterations but my absolute favorite feature is that they got the Real Lieutennant Uhura to voice your guide through the game.

Yep Nichelle Nichols is one of the voices, which really made me happy. You go girl!

I know most folks wont be as excited as I am about this little mobile game, but It really made me smile today so I decided to share it with my HuntFam! Happy Hunting folks! :D




Hunter: @dayleeo


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