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Spot Menu - Save Space With Spotify & iTunes in your Menu Bar

Spot Menu

Save Space With Spotify & iTunes in your Menu Bar


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Hunter's comment

If you work from a laptop or machine with a smaller screen, every spare inch of space is PRECIOUS. It blows my mind that Spotify hasn't released a mini player, or a controller, but in the mean time Spot Menu has your back.

  • "Show playing music in menubar"
  • "Popover to show album artwork"
  • "Skip to next/previous song"-source*

If your menu bar is already too cluttered you can always use SpotMenu in your "today" tab. Clean, tidy and out of the way! Like a good music player app should be!

If you love this app and want to tip the developer, he's also left a bunch of crypto wallet addresses so you can do so. Good thinking dude!




Hunter: @dayleeo


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