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The Dress That Changes With Your Emotions


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Hunter's comment

Woaaa... this is like something out of The Fifth Element.

Not only does this dress sense your mood and change colors to suit it's also able to attempt to CHANGE the mood in the room by releasing aromatherapy like some kind of emotional self defense system haha!

"The piece of fabric shifts colors according to the wearer's biometrics, and Second Skin seeks to respond dynamically to the wearer’s mood. The dress reacts accordingly with aromas aimed at enhancing good environments and altering bad ones. "-source

It's like a mood ring, for your entire body! Maybe one day if you're in a terrible mood your clothes will even keep you safe by stopping you from operating a car!? Oh wait, cars already drive themselves- duh!

Ah..future what will you come up with next!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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