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SigNature Molecular Ink - DNA Bio-Ink for Proof of Authenticity

SigNature Molecular Ink

DNA Bio-Ink for Proof of Authenticity


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Hunter's comment

Wether we like it or not we really are living in the future folks... I mean, check out this dystopian corporate video!

”Unique to each customer, SigNature molecular inks are created with the addition of a unique, secure molecular tag. These tags facilitate traceability of products and packaging, enabling the forensic certification of origin, authenticity, provenance, quality, ethics, integrity, sustainability or other claims."-source

Once blockchain tech syncs up seamlessly with these types of technology we really could have a whole other beast on our hands, or a solution for worldwide waste elimination and safety. I guess it’s up to us how we use these tools… to be continued!




Hunter: @dayleeo


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