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SEED - Endless Exploration Of A Living, Breathing, Exoplanet


Endless Exploration Of A Living, Breathing, Exoplanet


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Hunter's comment

Seed is like a spacy-futuristic (like No Man's Sky) version of the SIMS. Except it's also a HUGE MMO that takes place in real time.

Damn this is my kinda game, it's also giving me PIKMIN vibes, lol let me know if u remember that game- ha!

"Seed lets players construct and run a settlement on a single planet populated with other gamers trying to do the exact same thing. Everyone will then have the chance to collaborate or compete with their surrounding competition in a real-time 24-hour cycle. "-source

I can't wait to play this one with Mr Mouse... totally our kinda vibe- and damn is it pretty!




Hunter: @dayleeo


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