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I get it, Sunday has always been the traditional "day of rest" but when you're a location (and time) independent freelancer you can take your rest days whenever you want and experience the true power of MEGAHUSTLESUNDAYSSSSSS!

This weekend I set out to develop a brand guide for @steemcasting. If you've been following along there, the logo contest just came to an end a few days ago (congratulations @vasigo!) and we wanted to develop the concept a little further, and tack on all the rest of the stuff that makes a brand look and feel cohesive (aka fonts and colors).


Just so happens we had been thinking about making a brand style guide theme for our site ihazcarrd so why not flip the kettle on, get the green tea going and just go all in. It's kinda what Sundays are best for! No messages from clients, no mid-week responsibilities. Sundays are for creative projects and sweatpants.

Although, in fairness, every other day is for sweatpants for me as well.

I started by rounding off the corners of the logo, and bringing things in a little tighter to reinforce both the "S" and "C" shapes. We already know that the logos are going to have a variety of uses for live streaming and video overlays, so I thought an outlined version might come in handy for a few applications as well.


Next was colors, @teamhumble and I really dig the "retrowave" 80's look so we wanted colors that would look just as good in "darkmode" as in regular, and again would look great over videos as overlays or in live streams.

Finally it was time to tackle a font combo, which always takes me the longest, and probably why I put it off until last, but I'm happy with where we ended up.


It's all well and good to have your idea of how your branding should look, but if you don't have easy and organized file management, to share it with the folks you're working with, well then you're in for a world of hurt. TRUST ME. This is the biggest problem I see with my clients on a daily basis. Keeping brand standards STANDARD.

So, we made this nifty little Carrd theme with a simple link that we can drop to anyone who's going to be taking part! -- The best bit is that we're uploading all the graphics, fonts ect as free downloadable gumroad packs. No faffing with google drive invitation links, or dropbox syncing issues. Get in, get the stuff you need and get out.

If you need a site like this for your brand (yes it's totally customizable, but I'm happy to help if needed), head over to ihazcarrd and grab it! We just dropped the prices of all of our themes to just $12 bucks! ;)

Not too bad for a "lazy" Sunday huh? Thanks again to @vasigo for giving us an awesome starting point! I hope you check it out, and follow @steemcasting for daily updates for what's going on there!- Onward!