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RFIQ - The Next Gen RFID Wireless Sticker for Food Safety


The Next Gen RFID Wireless Sticker for Food Safety



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Hunter's comment

We all have heard of RFID, but MIT's new RFIQ stickers made for food are designed specifically to report food quality and safety data on a per minute basis. Damn MIT, I see you!

"As different materials absorb different amounts of the tags' electromagnetic frequencies, you can use a reader to spot changes in response signals and identify food contamination. If a foodstuff dries out, for instance, you'd notice a different signal than when it was still moist."-source

Of course safety is their #1 objective, but i think this is really interesting when it comes to food WASTE as well, since plenty of items are thrown out based on how they look even though they are perfectly fine to eat.




Hunter: @dayleeo


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