Taking the pourover game to ANOTHER LEVEL


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Hunter's comment

Ook if you've got the need to brew 5 pour overs at once for your personal use, we may have a bit of a substance abuse problem. BUT this device totally caught my eye because for a food truck situation this would be IDEAL.

It's always been a dream of mine to have a coffee/food truck, and when I met @teamhumble and witnessed his breakfast burrito game first hand, well I knew that was a wrap. Literally.

I could so see us having one of these, cranking out multiple pour overs at once for morning commuters near a local train station.

"“A little nozzle zips back and forth, twirling out measured amounts of water in a computer-controlled spiral, resulting in coffee that is clinically, empirically, gastronomically Just Right.”"-source

If you've ever been to a small coffee shop where pourovers are popular, you know that doing one properly takes a bit of time, and if you've got customers piling up, being able to produce a consistent product, quickly while being able to multi task is a great way to get that line moving.



Hunter: @dayleeo

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