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Potato Plastic - 100% Eco Friendly & Decomposes in 2 Months

Potato Plastic

100% Eco Friendly & Decomposes in 2 Months



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Hunter's comment

Thanks to steemhunt we now know that biodegrable cutlery can be made of corn, fungi and sugar, but did you know Potato plastic is now an option too!?

"Potato Plastic is a biodegradable material, made of potato starch. This means that it will decompose to nutrients for the soil in only two months when it ends up in the nature. Potato Plastic can be used for products such as cutleries, straws and saltbags."-source

It's literally only made out of potato starch and water and in 2 months it's totally gone, back into the earth, I'm sure our ocean friends wouldnt mind these ending up in their home's over plastic cutlery- If this was the standard, single-use plastics wouldn't be such a big deal at all!




Hunter: @dayleeo


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