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Overkill for Mac - Stop iTunes From Interrupting Your Workflow!

Overkill for Mac

Stop iTunes From Interrupting Your Workflow!


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Hunter's comment

Ok I'm not saying my personal frustration manifested this app into existence buuuuutt... a few days ago I tweeted this..

It might sound silly but here are all the annoying things that iTunes uses as permission to open....

  • You click the play/pause key while listening to a web-based music player (e.g. SoundCloud, YouTube)
  • Someone sent you a link to an iOS app
  • You click on a link on the web, and didn’t expect it to be a Music link
  • You updated iTunes
  • You open a video/music file in Finder,
  • You connect Bluetooth headphones -source

On the off chance you DO need iTunes you can toggle that feature on and off. It's so damn simple, but it works and solves a frustrating problem. That's my kinda app!




Hunter: @dayleeo


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