I'm by no means an expert but I wanted to try my HAND (get it?) at one for my newest design. In truth I'd been wanting to try it since I did my first design, but I had to wait for some canvas space to clear up ;)



I think I'm improving on the consistency of my lines, but I'd love to be able to do more detail, some of the photos I've seen online seem downright impossible, but I guess the difference between impossible and accomplished is just practice right? ;) This is quickly becoming one of my favorite sunny day activities. It's so relaxing and meditative to do.




It's a few hours since taking these photos and most of the henna has flaked off so we'll see how things look in about 24 hours. Only time will tell!

I hope you're enjoying any sunshine you can manage to get your hands on lately in a few more weeks I'm sure we'll be WISHING it was this cool out!