Moo Cotton Cards

Bio degradable business cards made from T-Shirts!



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Hunter's comment

We can all agree that the "business card" in the traditional sense is dying right? I mean guys like, along with his aforementioned roladex this are quickly becoming a thing of the past!

I've always really liked MOO and this makes me love them even more. Apparently there's a ton of waste that goes into making t-shirts, so, MOO has found a way to take those tshirt scraps and turn them into cards that..

  • Feels crisp and subtly textured
  • Lightweight but tough and durable
  • Bright white; prints colours vividly-source

I've ordered cards from MOO in the past and they've always been great quality print and paper-wise so I'm pretty sure these are also a great bet if you're looking for a more eco friendly way to share your info.



Hunter: @dayleeo

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