LUSH Atmospheres

Bottle-free showers made possible by SEAWEED!


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Hunter's comment

Get it, Atmos-SPHERES!? Oh LUSH. I didn't need any more reasons to love you, but now you're pioneering sustainable SEAWEED based packaging for your shower gels, damn!

"Atmospheres are a single dose of shower gel that doubles up as a cosmic order of your choosing. Pinch the atmosphere between your fingers and tear open as you focus your mind on your goal, tipping the gel into your hand and washing all over. When you've finished lathering up, the seaweed layer can be washed down the plug or popped in the compost. "-source

These genius little pods come in a recycled plastic container that acts like an egg carton for them, and when you're all out just head to your local LUSH to get a refill. I swear these folks are like Willy Wonka for bath time!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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