The Battery-Free Flashlight Powered By Your Body Heat



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Hunter's comment

First of all, just based on looks, this is some serious James Bond lookin design. Yes, thank you very much Q, I'll take 5...

"Lumen has relatively simple work principle - you touch TEG (Thermoelectric Generator) - small ceramic bar that can produce electric current when we provide temperature difference between upper and lower parts of TEG."

"How to help you to find it in a complete darkness? You can order Lumen with tritium vial - glass tube with a phosphor layer in them and tritium gas inside the tube. This tiny vial will produce light for over a decade. "-source

So as long as ya don't go corpse-cold (in which case you've got other bigger problems) you're good to go! I'd love one of these in a survival go-bag.

Also the best part is there's no batteries to recycle or lithium to mine!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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