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Imperfect Produce - Ugly Produce. Delivered

Imperfect Produce

Ugly Produce. Delivered


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Hunter's comment

YESYESYES! I know a lot of EU countries have been on top of this for years but this is the first time I'm seeing it in the states!

"Approximately 20% of fruits and vegetables in the U.S. never leave the farm just because they look a little different. Instead of ending up on your dinner plate, they end up left in the field or trucked to landfill. We think that’s crazy, and we’ve built a network of over 150 farmers and producers who agree. We buy their unloved produce, and they’re rewarded for their full harvest–not just for the pretty stuff."-source

And it's on average 50% cheaper!

Genius! Once people realize there is literally no difference between a "'pretty" and an "ugly" strawberry I think we're heading in the right direction when it comes to discussions about hunger and food waste.. Would LOVE to give this a shot!




Hunter: @dayleeo


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