iBERCO 2.0

The Eco Rocking Movie & Gaming Nook


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Hunter's comment

Yes please. The iBERÇO is named after the word for "crib" in Portuguese, but made for adults! Get me in here in a dim room with twinkling led lights and a HUGE heavy blanket and I'm SET. Maybe my inner hibernator is taking over since cozy season is here, but this looks so cool to chill out in...

"The i”Berço 2.0” features a 22” screen integrated with Bluetooth technology - two 50 watt sound speakers and an amplifier. This multimedia rocking experience is provided by Se7e® & Sonance® -- You can now watch tv, see a movie or just play a game in a perfect match of technology and design."-source

Come to find out these guys are based in Lisbon, which makes me want to support the project even more, I wonder if they have a space in the LX factory :)



Hunter: @dayleeo

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