Hydra Desk

The water-cooled gaming desk of your super-villain dreams



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Hunter's comment

Can we just take a moment... DAMN. If you're having trouble fitting your PC under your desk, maybe consider making your desk your PC casing!!? I mean kind of a genius idea if you think about it. Desks are sometimes a super ineficcient use of space.

"It’s unique design, that positions up to 4 radiators in the right leg, allows for the most advanced watercooling systems to date in any desk case, allowing you to cool up to 2 full PC systems and mount up to 6 radiators, keeping your PC at the lowest possible temperature at all times!"-source

Also, you'll look like an absolute gaming supervillain badass. I know I try to post very minimalistic, nomad friendly things here, but if you're a "career streamer" (is that even a term?) with a consistent studio or office space I could totally see how this could be a huge win.



Hunter: @dayleeo

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