Rice Husk, Not Plastic



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Hunter's comment

OK, This is a really special hunt for me because it's the first one that I saw IN PERSON FIRST! (See the second photo for the ones I saw today)

I saw these rice husk cups in a local shop today, and by holding them you'd never know in a million years that they weren't plastic!

Please upvote this post so we can grab a pair and do a full review! ;)

"Huskup is made from rice husk, the outer shell of a grain of rice, so it’s a natural bi-product of rice milling. The amazing rice husk is strong, high in silica and has short tough fibres that are naturally resistant to moisture. This is important as it means we don’t need to mix it with melamine or other plasticisers, we use a blend of natural starches to help hold its shape."-source


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