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Hunter's comment

"Mindfulness" seems to be the big trend this year with meditation apps coming out left and right. And while there's nothing wrong with those, Gratitude takes a more specific approach.

Of course, you must be mindful to be grateful for the things you have, so mindfulness is a great firs start, but the daily practice of being greatful for what you have TODAY, instead of being miserable over what you don't, or might not have tomorrow, is a HUGE part of inner peace and happiness.

But guess what?! Our brains are muscles, and just like any other muscles we need to train them with repetition to break negative patterns that don't serve us.

Best thing is it's dead easy for anyone to use and only takes minutes. All you have to do is think of 5 things you're grateful for every day. Yep, that's it!

I'm going to grab this one right now and start today. The interface looks beautiful and its one of those things you can do just before bed instead of scrolling Twitter, like I do ;)



Hunter: @dayleeo

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