Tear & Share Biodegradable Flashdrives- Heck Yes!





Hunter's comment

I'm genuinely SO STOKED to share this one with you guys. First of all, being able to "tear & share" these is the coolest idea ever. Great for travel, nomads, group projects, hackathons, coworking pretty much anything you can think of AND they're biodegradable!... Ever wonder how many plastic flash drives are in landfills... I'm sure it's a pretty depressing number.

"Unlike other USB Drives, Gigs 2 Go flash drives are extremely rugged and durable – their memory chip is shockproof, waterproof, and does not require a cap for protection. "-source

The whole situation only takes up as much space as a credit card, and since the material is similar to paper or cardbord you can easily mark them up with a sharpie and label them so you can keep track, Kinda sweet if you ask me.

They come in 4 packs of 8G and 16G (each) so you'll always have plenty of storage on the go and they start at less than $25 bucks. I DARE you reviewers to find a "con" because I certainly cant. ;)



Hunter: @dayleeo

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