Flexit Solar

The Flexible Solar Flashlight


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Hunter's comment

To appreciate the bendiness, you really have to check out their youtube video. I really love what they did with the stop animation there, kinda reminds me of when I used to watch Gumby cartoons...


Not only is the whole panel flexible, it stays where you put it, so you can create different shapes depending on where you want to aim your lighting, and where you're hanging your light.

Super rad if you ask me. Of course, the whole thing is solar-powered and has USB ports to charge your devices, but what I really like is the thought of taking this bad boy on the road.

Yes I went a little crazy with the screen shots but I wanted so show you all of the configurations and shapes this thing can do- for that alone I think it's great because you dont need to have someone hold the flashlight if you're working on something- it's its own kick-stand!

It's great for camping but if you ever find yourself in trouble it's got hazard/warning red LEDs to alert someone that you need help, and although you probably can't submerge it, it does claim to be weather resistant so if you get caught in the rain you'd still have light.

Super cool survival or camping tool that you never have to worry about keeping charged as long as you keep it in the sun!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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