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Sometimes you've got to hit the pause button, and do something analog. And when it's one of those times one of my tried and true ways to relax is with my water painting board...

Let me back up. I've been trying to start this for ages. I have all the "kit" but I just couldn't get it to look right, or get my setup in a comfortable painting angle. But sometimes you just have to start. What's the phrase, "perfection is the enemy of progress." So here's my start...

I want this to be a daily meditative practice not only for me to do, but for you to watch. I'm going to keep them under 10 minutes and just put something out onto the blockchain to zone out to.

It all can wait. I promise.

I encourage you to be creative along with me, draw, paint, do yoga, heck you don't even have to watch if you prefer meditating with your eyes closed. This is about creating space in your day for whatever YOU need.

I'm sure I'll iterate this setup over time but for now...

They will always be 10 minutes..
They will always have calming music to relax to..

The rest is up to you! -- Enjoy & I'll see you tomorrow!

The rest is up to you! Please enjoy & I'll see you tomorrow!

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