Eternal Reefs

Eco-Friendly Underwater Burial



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Hunter's comment

Woa! I've always said I wanted to be a tree when I go, but this service is giving that idea a run for it's money.

A lot of cultures honor the tradition of a burial at sea or the scattering of ashes, well, this combines both ideas and actually incorporates your expended carbon into creating a man-made reef.

"We start with a unique concrete formula and add special additives that increase its strength from 3000 PSI to 10,000 PSI. Next we create a special surface texture that encourages growth of various types and sizes of marine life.Fish will migrate onto the Reef Balls as soon as they are placed. Depending on water conditions, we can see growth on these reefs in as little as a few weeks. They will continue to develop and support marine life forever."-source

My inner water-sign-pisces-self is SO into this.



Hunter: @dayleeo

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