A solar flashlight for the end of the world..



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Hunter's comment

YES! We're back with another END OF DAYS hunt. Lol you guys know Iove sharing gear that's going to come in handy during the apocalypse, but also this one is perfect for Father's day in my opinion. What dad doesn't love flashlights, AMIRITE!!?!

"Not only can you harness the power of the sun, but you can also use the USB port for easy charging on your favorite portable items. Renogy has you prepared for any situation with the attached seat belt cutter, glass shattering hammer, and handy compass. Be prepared for whatever comes your way with your very own E.LUMEN!"-source

A solar powered flashlight might seem a bit of an oxymoron, but if you can remember to keep it charged during the day you never have to worry about being caught with no power after dark.

It can also charge other USB devices from it's battery, and has a freaking list of other survival tools all in one place. Now THATS what I call a cool power bank!



Hunter: @dayleeo

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