Coffee, brewing system & packaging in one! Just add water!






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Yes. This is what I'm talking about. Someone sat down and said "How can we make coffee, convenient, and travel friendly without creating tons of waste".

In my opinion, this blows yesterday's coffee hunt out of the water...

"We believe in the importance of being a sustainable business, which is why we've pledged to have a 100% biodegradable product by 2021. Our first initiative is to create a reusable box to eliminate as much shipping waste as possible."-source

YES! - Less packaging, AND recyclable- let's GO!

OK so you're wondering how it works. DripKit is a packet of pre-measured and pre-ground coffee which is perfect for travel, but the coolest part is that the packging BECOMES the brewing device... yep fire. If you're a coffee nerd you're probably crazy sick of all the accessories and nonsense it can take just to make a cup of joe. If you want to avoid this your only "just add water" options are really only instant. And don't get me wrong, instant coffee will get you there, BUT if you just want to chuck something in a travel bag- you can't really beat this design...



Hunter: @dayleeo

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