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District Race - An App-Led City Exploration w/ AR checkpoints

District Race

An App-Led City Exploration w/ AR checkpoints


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Hunter's comment

It seems that a lot of the reference images here depict runners, which is awesome if that’s your thing, personally a bike or e-scooter would be just as fun, and completing this with a partner or group of friends could be way cheaper and more exciting then those awful pre-set “city tours” just sitting on a bus.. no thank you, this is way more my speed…

"We activate cities across the globe with millions of virtual waypoints.

The aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible in the time limit. There’s no set route and no set distance, so strategy is key!

Track your progress on live leaderboards, be rewarded and level up your fitness."-source

now if only you could earn crypto at each checkpoint like a poke-stop! ;)




Hunter: @dayleeo


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