We're only HALF WAY UP my dear!

Good Morning My Love

I’m feeling quite fancy typing this to you from my little Bluetooth keyboard which I know really isn’t a big deal but I actually never paired it to my phone after al this time. It was really clutch when I was using the standing desk consistently but when ya mentioned blogging mobile I made a not to put it aside and made sure it was charged. So here we go, tha maiden voyage, typing straight into Bear. I’m a little slow but I’m getting better.

Thank goodness for grammarly!

I’m going to make this one short because my brain kinda keeps stalling out. It’s the weirdest feeling spacing out and snapping back to reality, like wait, what was I doing?? Phew, they say the effects of not getting enough rest is comparable to the effects of being proper drunk? Maybe that’s not quite right but its something like that. I certainly feel loopy though. I just remembered I started a post about getting my ticket, anddd I don’t even remember why or even when I stopped writing.

Not surprising if I think about it really, same as we were talking about earlier, we’ve been burning all the candles at all the ends at once, there’s been stresses me expenses and transitions and new work situations lol that overwhelm thooooo... I really had to shut it all down this afternoon. 3PM and in bed like a champ. Ive had to tell myself “no” about 100 times whenever I wanted to start sorting something out, start cleaning or basically start working. Rest first Dayle work after rest. Can’t have this cold coming back!

Ooh that reminds me, I’ve got stories to start recording tomorrow! Yay! Also going to do a list ditch out reach to see if I can move this bike! I’ve got to stop myself here or I’m going to start making lists and springing back into action, I just want to be sorted. I know it’ll all get done, it’s just more overwhelming when you’re lacking sleeps!

So with that I think its time for this girl to turn in at the good ol’ time of 5 O’clock! Sorry for the short one tonight loves, I reall wanna get a jump on Monday and I’m sure you do too. I really hope you’re feeling better today hunny and that you’ll be making time to get a little exercise before you settling in at la machina.


All the loves, huggles and good morning vibes <3

<3 Dot

Also, here's a bit more doc to help get ya going this morning ;)