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Oh boy, I just sat down with that dastardly shake I was talking about the other day. Almond milk, 1 frozen banana, vanilla vegan protein powder and a small chunk of that chocolate cake I made. Oh BAYBE BAYBE, tastes like cookies and cream cake batter. (i mean not exactly but a girl can dream can’t she?)

I’m not going to lie, this is the most “me” gif I’ve ever seen, also I’m sure you’ve got an idea where the gif-game is headed in this post by now right? ;)

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • feeling good despite some physical pains
  • movie dates with biza
  • the fact that tomorrow is monday

Maybe it’s a sign you’re doing something right, when you’re actually excited for Mondays. I remember that feeling of dread that would come over me as I sat in the parking lot at my sales job, begging the universe for a meteor to come out of nowhere and squash the whole place so I didn’t have to go in.


But hey, that’s not the way the Universe works, we don’t get short cuts, I actually had to woman up, decide I had had enough and quit. That was the first job I had ever quit without having been hired first someplace else. Sometimes you have to take that step.

happy girl.gif

Haha I’m sure you know where I’m going with that. And yes I don’t regret one damn thing about falling in love with a man on the internet from 3000 miles away. When it works it works. When I met you I felt like I found a part of me that I always should have had. Like the batteries in the “batteries not included”.

yay! biza with batteries!

I really enjoyed watching that film with you, if you could't tell. I expected it to be good, but not THAT good. I imagine as fun and funny and visually beautiful as it was, it's the kinda film that you pick up on something new each time you watch. I'm sure we'll re watch it again over drinks one day when we're together again.

That whole bit about time was so powerful to me, young folks having wrist watches that are ticking along while the old folk's clocks are spinning around frantically. Damn. Maybe that's why it feels things are accelerating so much. I mean, I'm sure if you asked Bella, she'd say time feels like it takes FOREVER to pass.


Although I'm feeling good this evening, mentally clear and alert my body is tired and achy and crampy, I'd love to get a head start on tomorrow's modding but I think I need to take a tip about when to "call it" and just be done for the night. I even have my list written out for tomorrow. I'm not sure how your day is going to pan out but since Tuesday may mean meal prep for me, and U'll have little biza, maybe we do podcast prep tomorrow? It shouldn't be a lot of actual work but we can hash out topics in trello and such.

If we're both swamped and don't get to it Im sure Wednesday would work too, just gotta confirm my times for showing up at doggo's house. (Which happens to be right on my list!)

Ok darlin, it's time for me to offically say goodmorning, and welcome you to Monday the 26th of August 2018. There will only be one of them in the history of mankind. Let's just hope a koi tornado doesnt take us away...

I love you Mouse.

<3 Dot