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Hi my biza bi! I’m going to try to eek my last bit of energy out on this post because there’s probably nothing more bummer than waking up to a new day and having to read a post about how sleepy someone else is at the end of theirs lol. — timezones!

Good morning you! How did you sleep! Feeling ready? Feeling fine and fancy free? Got a spring in your step? I hope you slept solid tonight to catch up from the previous nights interruptions. I know it’s going to be an early one for me <3

The 3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • we podcasted -yay!
  • super productive day
  • new works to do tomorrow

Yasss, I mean there’s always more works to be done, but I’m raring to go on this client job, get a little paycheck and a bump in the algorithm. Just ready to jump in after my morning moddingz. Speaking of modding I really feel like I should be doing some tonight but I’m feeling particularly zapped this afternoon. Monthly things playing a part there for sure. We’re t minus 1 day I believe so we’ll see how I can keep the energy up tomorrow before the possible pains kick in.

But until then, we show up, we fight and we chug that coffee. We give our all and do everything we can, even though we feel like we “could” have done more.

Damn. I think I may have to remove that C-word from my vocabulary… along with “should”. Like Yoda said, do or do not, there is no try. No regrets either, we do what we can and we’ve got to be able to close the chapter on the day when it’s chill down mode and accept what we did. And maybe even appreciate ourselves for it.

It’s a tough one, because I know that we’re always similar, in wanting to grow, wanting to iterate and improve and be better each day. And part of sometimes involves “moving the goalposts” (not sure if that’s a US saying). I’m sure it’s just like anything and all about balance. Being kind to myself is just not something I naturally default to.

On a happier note I loved podcasting today. It feels like we’re setting into a nice rhythm with it and even with the 3,000 mile space difference I think they’re starting to flow better and better. Just one of those things, practice makes perfect. Glad that the practice is so fun. I really enjoy doing them with you. Even though I wish I was by your side too. <3

Soons soons. Damn do I miss hugging you. I’m going to start setting up my steps based on what you helped me outline for visa stuff tomorrow if the job goes smoothly and I have the mental capacity for it. I will say with the new foods and exercise my energy has been lasting way later in the day with way more focus. Just gotta keep that up little by little.

Mom just texted me a little while and said “call me I may have a job for you”. I know she means well but I always shy away from taking jobs IRL, even if they’re for digital work which I think this would be. She mentioned designing a car wrap, and I totally appreciate it. I just would rather do that kind of work through Upwork, even though they take a cut, where I know I have escrow and funding. Hopefully the blockchain will take away those middlemen in the future.

OK you! Time for you to start your day! I hope the minibiza comes today, and maybe we can farm together, feel like its been ages since we hung out. I know you may have to ramp up to that energy shift but I have nothing but faith in you my love. <3 You’ve more than got this. MWAH!

I’ll talk to you in a bit sweets!

I love you, and I like you
<3 Dot