Phew. Hi Mouse. I’m writing you from the floor because my back started hurting too much to sit in zee chair… I’m beat but I’M HERE! And that’s really what matters most right? Here to tell you greet you into Wednesday, here to tell you I love you. Hi. Goodmorning. <3

3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • maximum crushage today
  • all sorted and packed for tomorrow
  • still have more client work to do.

Shortly after we said goodnight, I watched Sterdekie finish one of the most awesome games I’ve seen in a LONG time. I was glued to my screen. Afterward he played this 20 minute documentary that the devs included that talked about how they did some really serious deep research into symptoms of psychosis and schizophrenia, it was really incredible. Super rich storytelling set in norse mythology, but they took so much care to make sure the people they interviewed felt heard and represented through the portrayal of this character. Passion, effort and storytelling man, get’s me every time. That’s the currency that will always get a buy in with me.

it also caused Dekie a near mental episode himself lol the stress!…

A bit later Dad came home and asked me if we were still on for the haircut trim I said I’d give him… ugh. Lol happy to help out but I was so beat. I sorted him out though and here I am at the part of the night I’ve been wanting to get to! Hi BIZAAA!!! I really do love writing to you at the end of the day no matter how tired I am. It puts a pin in the evening for me, and I get a lot of comfort knowing that in some way, in the form of my words I’m there when you wake up. That you’re never really alone if I have my message in a blockchain waiting at your digital doorstep. <3

In terms of work, unfortunately and fortunately Canva’s garbage servers crapped out on me before I was able to finish for my skincare client today so I still have some copy work to do after I get settled in with the doggo so I’m going to crank through full speed ahead on hours.

Seems a touch of that nasty sciatica pain is back for the moment so I’m hoping a good night’s rest and the added walkies with doggo are just what the doctor ordered. Funny enough I think it’s a chair that I game in downstairs that’s doing it. If I think back to a few months ago when it was really bad I was using playstation and watching films a lot with you in that chair. Gotta keep on the yoga too I’ll be packing my mat with the rest of the “kit” for the week in the morning.

Early up and out so I’ve got to call it my darling. I’m sure we’ll speak in the morning and you’ll be up and feeling the motion of the digital ocean, movin and groovin.

also PS, I saw your tweet to @ned and I love that you’re making The Bridge a theme, if there’s anyone can help them crush their livestreams its you darlin <3 good work!

Goodmorning sweets, It’s pass out time for me. I’ll see you on the other side…

<3 Dot

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