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# Dear @TeamHumble //18th October 2018 // 18th tho?? How????

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Damn, I wonder how many of these we’ve done all together, across 2 years, every day we’ve been apart, damn. Our loves are taking up a large part of the blockchain huh? I’m ok with it if you are. I mean, there’s a lot more useless stuff we could be posting as faux influenzas. All I know is by this part of the day it’s down tools, exhale and write from the heart… so here we go…


3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • another day forward
  • forgot about affiliate funds lol
  • time with you...

I hope you’re feeling good and the that “Wrecking” isn’t hitting you too hard this AM. I know you’re irish and probably solid AF like nothing ever happened but you better believe if I had been there we’d be getting breakfasts ;). I know that all that needs as a trigger is a certain look and we’re putting on scarves and boots and jackets and counting our coins on the way.

Lol what a team we are ;)..

Listen, so here’s the deal. I know I’m intense. I know we talked about everything under the sun this evening, just know most of my craziness is rooted in the fact that I just care way too much and the rest is that I get in my head about the copious amounts that I care. I don’t know how to throttle it. And I know a lot of that always sorts itself out when we’re together, but I’d always rather over communicate than leave things unsaid… it always brings me back to the idea you had about a podcast or series about “the things left unsaid” between partners… and sometimes those are good things, but the not so good things.. those are the “foxes that ruin the vineyard”…

Do you guys have that saying there? I don’t know if its’a US thing, or a Church thing, but it basically means those achilles heal things. I’m sure you got it from the context. At the end of the day. I know that we’ve both moved heaven and earth to find each other and be together, and those little things don’t really matter in the grand scheme, because we always find our way back to each other. Maybe I just need the chill TF out and just enjoy the ride…. OH!.

Ok enough of my dramatic pontificating on emotions and thoughts and mystical WHAYS. Today was actually really productive. And I’m glad we took time out to hang out and chill together, it makes me glad that I know you’re in bed watching Twitch, just in ultimate chill mode. I’m about to join ya on that front for SURE.

I’m glad you’ve got a little bit of extra runway for this week energy and work wise, and you best believe I’m ready to show up right next to you and get it SORTED right into the weekend. I’ve heard back from one of the potential new clients so I’ll be getting back to them and hopefully starting some new work and new correspondence soon. Kinda excited about that bit.

But before we can start any of it I know we BOTH need a good night’s sleep, as last night was not too kind to either of us…. chill down mode commencing.

I love you Mouse. Thanks for the wine tonight <3 I love you to bits.

<3 Dot

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