Good morning Steemiverse.

Today’s update is going to be a short one because I’m completely blank, but in the best way.

I had a bit of a rough time falling asleep last night so as a result I dosed off later and woke up much slower than I mean to today. Lucky I build in a pretty early wakeup time so even if I’m really dragging I can always get to the machine at a reasonable hour.

I didn’t feel like I had much to give to the mat today. Arms and shoulders sore from yesterday’s practice and believe it or not my low back still isn’t right. I’m not experiencing constant pain anymore but each morning I wake up super stiff like it’s the day after I hurt myself.

One day Dayle, one day....

So today I vowed to spend some needed time working with the standing desk set up to avoid a chair posture I know can’t be helping.

Either way, today’s class was slow, meditative and relaxing. I really needed it. Some deep stretching complimented by deep breathing and guided awareness of what each part of the body is doing as you consciously and methodically release muscle groups one by one.

Sure it wasn’t fancy poses and "instagram-yoga", and from the outside, it probably didn’t look like I was doing much of anything, but I feel worlds better than when I woke this morning and I’ve got no one to impress. :)

Deep thoughts?

Strange I’m noticing that during meditation I’m not having complete sentences or phrases come to mind as they used to. Things seem more abstracted now, a vivid color, and or shapes. Feels more like watching clouds than reading a book…

Today I saw lots of Purple, and a van, in a field, with peacocks knocking at the door for a bit of cereal <3

So Day 5 Yoga is a wrap, wonder what day 5 Life has in store! — I hope you’re well wherever you are in the world.
Sending you love and light from a tired but kind heart that just wants to keep trying….

<3 Dayleeoga

Link to today’s video : Settling Into Relaxation (27 min)

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