Hah, like really, what’s that about? I’m just here trying to sleep trying to get a bit of respite from the day, from consciousness, from the demands of the world, of my time energy and attention when BAM those dreams tho.

My dreams are usually extremely wacky and surreal, just absolute visceral nonsense or solutions to problems I’ve been thinking about or ideas for new creative endeavors. And I’m pretty sure I dream every night, but sometimes, the dream gods are not so kind.

Sometime’s they’re emotional, and heart wrenching and damn do they feel real. The only way I can explain it is, it's like living your worst day that never happened. And when I wake up, it feels more like a memory than a dream.

Yoga helps. Tons.

It’s been one of my biggest allies in the fight toward mental health and emotional stability over the past 3 years. It’s saved me on many occasions.

I’m so thankful to report this morning was no different.

So I got to the mat and did today’s video titled Yoga For Stress Relief. It was tough again for the same reason yesterday’s practice was tough. Because it required me to settle my mind and focus on nothing but breathing.

But I got there. There are two breathing exercises called breath of fire and breath of joy that I particularly love. I feel all tingly and lightheaded afterward. No idea about the science behind that but it always feels like someone clip to the tiny reset button on my positronic brain.

After that…. quiet.

And kinda this ice-cream brain freeze feeling in my forehead where they describe the 3rd eye to be? Anyone have any insight on that one? Let me know if you’ve ever experienced anything similar- I’d love to know what that’s about...

Deep thoughts?
Not today. As I said I was thankful for the quiet but on Day 2 last challenge I wrote:

“I will love myself, because I love others well and I deserve the love I give.”

Happy Day 2 folks- See you tomorrow!
<3 Dayleeoga

Today’s video : Yoga For Stress Relief (29 min)

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